Chiropractic treatment:
The doctor of chiropractic is a specialist in spinal musculoskeletal disorders. He is expertly trained to diagnose and treat the many musculoskeletal injuries that may occur on the job or in your daily life. 

Upon injury, the individual often alters the normal position or flexibility of the spinal vertebrae. Chiropractic treatment is designed to restore normal alignment and thus minimize pain and suffering. Gentle manipulative therapy or “adjustment” is often effective in rapidly returning the injured person to a productive status. 

Custom Orthotics- Your feet are scanned in our office free of charge. We will then provide you with a report of our findings, which are used for Customized Orthotic Foot Levelers.

Walk-ins- We provide morning and afternoons along with walk-ins, to make it easier on YOUR schedule

X-rays-  X-rays are done in our office, so a diagnosis can  start you on your way to recuperation.